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Thread: 4.1 - NativeEthernet - Ethernet.begin hangs program

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    4.1 - NativeEthernet - Ethernet.begin hangs program

    I am wondering whether anyone can help please. Using NativeEthernet on a 4.1 results in 'Ethernet.begin()' hanging the program. Using Ethernet.Begin in DHCP or full IP mode makes no difference. I haven't got a 'shield' or live socket attached, it's just the Teensy on its own. I am also using an SD card but whether present or not has no effect.

    Ethernet.begin(m_serverMacc, m_serverip, m_dnsserver, m_gateway, m_subnet);
    I am getting the MAC from the Teensy using and that seems to be functioning fine. Can anyone suggest things I need to research, or indeed, has anyone else had this problem?

    It only happens when using the NativeEthernet library, not the standard Ethernet one.

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