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Thread: TDA1387 I2S DAC in Teensy 4?

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    TDA1387 I2S DAC in Teensy 4?

    I own a very basic but good sounding TDA1387 I2S DAC. It currently works with DATA, BCLK and FSCLK wired to a Combo384 Amanero USB module.


    Would it play if I wire it the same way to a Teensy (4) I2S interface?

    My goal would be to profit from the double I2S of the T4, using this one my dear DAC and the other I2S use for ADC using the Audio Board. This is for sound FX instrumentation.


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    Looks like it should work. This chip doesn't use MCLK, so leave that signal unconnected.

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    Thanks a lot maestro. Respects to your work.

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