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Thread: Sample manipulation for DIY sampler

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    Sample manipulation for DIY sampler

    I'm working on sampler inspired by Volca Sample and it's unofficial firmware
    And I wanted to implement ability to change start and end point of a sample and also reverse and speed up of playback of sample
    How could I achieve it using Audio.h library.
    Also i want to release board code and STLs for people to play around when I'm finished with it.
    I'm currently using Teensy 4.0 and audio board

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    Hi! See my answer on the other thread
    Volca Sample is cool, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your work!
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    I have a Volca drum. The sounds are so cool and it's a lot of fun

    Sample function:

    I built a sample editor into my 8 bit DIY synth "Degenerator". It was'nt easy.

    I can set start and end points and loop points. Delete and OneShoot function is also implemented.

    My Video:

    Greetings Rolf

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