I don't really know how to correctly explain this or the right question(s) to ask.
Hopefully, there's someone smarter than me who knows what I'm trying to figure out.

I am having issues getting my different XPlane controllers to play nice together.
There seems to be a COM port conflict somewhere, because I have a device that won't properly initialize when my Teensy 3.5 boards are active.

From what I can tell, it reaches out for whatever com port is available. It generally grabs something like COM 19 or COM 21.

If I launch XPlane and allow it to find this device, I can then connect my Teensy controllers and all is fine.
I would very much like to not have to do that. I just want to turn on the USB hub that everything plugs into and be done with it.

When I look in the Arduino IDE, I see that both of my Teensy boards reference the same Teensy port name.
(There are also 3 lines that say COM 16 which is quite curious.)
What I don't understand is how to tell what hid#vid_16c0&pid_0488 is or what serial port it is on.