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Thread: GPT, PIT at 150MHz and serial port

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    GPT, PIT at 150MHz and serial port

    To continue my work with the timers, I am going to work with a clock of 150MHz for them. Is there any influences on the serial port if I use this clock? I work on a Teensy 4.0. The documentation is complete but so difficult to manage, especially for a non english natural language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michastro View Post
    Is there any influences on the serial port if I use this clock?
    Serial ports clock is configured separate from the clocks used by timers.

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    Thank you very much!

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    Paul already answered this, but thought I would mention that when you are wondering about the options for configuring the clocks associated with different sub-systems.

    I will often look at the CCM Clock Tree (Section 14.4) in the IMXRT1060RM pdf file.
    Page 1016 on near to the top right shows the output timer for PIT, GPT and as you work your way back to the left you can see what clocks are fed in and different options.
    Register names and the field within the register. These registers are described later in the CCM chapter.

    The LPUART output is on the next page. In both cases we initialize to using the 24mhz clock(OSC).

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