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Thread: Teensy-based custom keyboard projects?

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    Teensy-based custom keyboard projects?

    I completed a USB keyboard pass-through where a T4.1 translates the keystrokes from a one-handed gaming keyboard to enable full one-handed typing. I'm now sucked down the custom-keyboard rabbit-hole and I want one.

    I'd prefer to just buy a physical unit with the layout and ergonomics I want and use a Teensy to translate keys for one-handed typing, but unless you want to shell out hundreds of dollars, it looks like DIY is the only option.

    If I'm going to build it myself, I'm just going to start with a Teensy in the first place. For a one-handed unit, the T4.1 has enough pins for the needed number of keys and extra accessories without involving secondary components, so it seems like an easy approach.

    I suspect there are Teensy based custom keyboards out there, so I'm reaching out for good examples. Any pointers?

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    I've built a couple of keyboards from Teensy 3.2 and 3.6, and I've tested that they'd port to the T4.x boards. I rolled my own software for key mapping, scanning, etc. The hard part is the software.

    If you'd like something more robust, maybe check out the popular QMK firmware and the boards it supports, which I know includes Teensy 2.0 and possibly Teensy 3.2 (I haven't used it myself.)

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