Ideally this is a question to the PJRC gods. But i don't know if they will respond because they are busy doing great things But its also open to anyone who wants to come on board to be part of an upcoming product that will be on crowdfunding.

We are trying put together a very powerful controller of sorts that will be able to control thousands of LEDs (2000 so far) based on a bunch of inputs like temperature, sound, music, voice.. etc..

Our current prototype is consuming the following and looks like a jumble of wires, Its the MVP that can be scaled via software in future.

1. 4x Teensy 4's
2. MSGEQ7 for Music analysis.
3. MSCP2008
4. Rpi 4 for prototyping
5. Sound sensor
6. Vibration sensor
7. Temp sensor
8. 2000 LED's max in different sets. for example: 5 boards with 44 LED's each, 3 boards with 60 LED's each, 2 boards with 17 LED's each, 9 boards with 16 LED's each.. and so on...
9. .. some other inputs .. ?

All LEDs are attached to Teensys and Teensys also have the code for sketches and effects. These get triggered via the Rpi that takes inputs from 2,3,5,6,7 in the above list. Rpi also runs a "Configurator" that is a gui to setup the system easily and set what needs to happen when and how it should look on the LEDS.. etc..

Eventually all this needs to be a on single PCB ideally all the teensy architecture on a Single integrated circuit or with female pin seats. LED's strands should be easy to plugin using around 30 LED headers on board. same for sensors and audio inputs.

Based on above, here is the ask

1. Can PJRC partner with us and help us in putting this together and guide us on efficiency performance and speed and optimization of everything ?
2. I would like to keep the product bear the PJRC name and keep it fully open source.
3. PJRC can get paid for each product either with direct sales of Teensys or a reasonable licensing of its architecture.
4. We do not intend to make money on this board as its not the product but goes onto another product we will sell. This board will remain at cost and completely open source.

4. If PJRC is not up for it, we can work with anyone here who can take over the design and architecture and be our partner in the campaign and beyond for our future upgrades.
2. We will still credit PJRC for the architecture since we love them and we would be happy if that helps them be more cool

Whos ready to join us and be part of a very extremely cool product coming soon ?