I confess "I'm a "Noob DIY Electronics Disaster Waiting To Happen" so I could use some help. I've done some homework but I have a few questions.

1. Can I use a TEENSY 2.O++ which I already have to control 8 to 10 keyboard keys via foot switches or do I need something else?
2. Is the TEENSY 2.O++ 32 Bit because I'm using Windows 10 on a PC.
3. Should I use open or closed foot switches which I want to use to control 8 to 10 qwerty keyboard keys?
4. Can I still use the Bounce software feature in the source code to control foot switch sensitivity with the TEENSY 2.O++?
5. Can I install a LED power indicator light of some kind and do I need a resistor?

Any advice on what Teensy, Bread Boards. Stand-Off Brackets, or other electronics I should consider is appreciated.

Thanks for your advice and expertise! :)