I'm trying to make a custom PCB that will be used for a lighting control module based on Teensy 4.1 and building onto the board the circuitry from an OCTOWS2811 and Ethernet kit module.
I'm happy with the octo section, its just the ethernet kit module has several lines that are wiggling around on the bottom of the board.

I imagine these wiggles are to make sure the T+/T- and R+/R- lines are as close in length to each other as possible?
I've been trying to match the shape (using EasyEDA), and I'm getting close was wondering if it matters that the T-pair and R-pair are different lengths?
I have the T+ and T- in at 25.296 and 25.286mm (0.01mm diff), the R+ and R- at 10.727mm and 10.725mm, does it matter that they are so different?

I'm planning on using the same 6x1 cable that is in the kit, rather than routing the 6 lines directly from the teensy to the ethernet section.
I could perhaps integrate these into the PCB too, any advice welcome!

Also anything else I should look out for in this section?
I'm adding 12v power lines (with a 12v > 5v convertor for teensy) to a separate section of the board, but these are going to be isolated from the teensy and octo and ethernet sections.

Thanks in advance!

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