Several other forum members have described dataloggers for high-bandwidth datastreams, often status data from moving vehicles. I have completed a project that flexibly collects data from two or three dozen low-bandwidth sensors placed around my house, taking VC0706 pictures; measuring temperatures, pressures, water depth, power usage, and so on; and controlling relays.
The sensors are connected to peripheral stations, each built around a Teensy 3.5 and a real-time clock. The stations have identical hardware & software, but they can be configured through text files on the Teensies' uSD cards to work with different sensors and then either to use their XBee tranceivers to send the data to a central base station, or to timestamp & store received data locally.
The base station is built around another Teensy 3.5 and clock. It timestamps received data and then can store it locally for later transmission or transmit it immediately (through a USB connection) to a Windows program.
The Windows program is built around a relational database. Received data are stored in the database, and the database can be mined for graphs and statistics. Here's a sample graph:
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The system is described on my Web site at