Hi guys, here we go again: putting myself in something too huge to handle...

I have to drive 8000 led on the frontside of my new bar. I decided to make everything symmetric, hence the led to drive really are 4000.

I want to make an interface to control them. The installation must have two modes: single color dimmerable and preset animations.

Led strips: ws2815 12v 100 led/m
Teeensy 4.1

every 2 meters the leds are powered by a 60w psu.
everything is controlled by a teensy ( or two ), with the octo library. The led strip is splitted to control them in parallel (8 channels). The strips far away from the teensy are linked by a cat6 cable.

I think I will do a web interface with a raspberry pi ('cause I've got a plenty of them).

1 - Do you know a tutorial on how make a comunication channel between the teensy and the rasp?

2 - I want to create animations for specific songs, I was trying mad mapper. But how can I sync the start of the song with the start of the animation on the strip?

If you think I'm a bit confused, well you are right but I'm here to learn and possibly to not waste time and money