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Thread: WIFI for teensy 4.1 Paul Stoffregen opinion

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    WIFI for teensy 4.1 Paul Stoffregen opinion

    HI, I am a big fan of LAN but need wifi on occasions. Paul if you were to create wifi support into teensy 4.1 or other release. What is your opinion the best way to go about it and what hardware would you lean towards... I am not wild about using the popular ESP32-WROOM 32 ESPRESSIF WiFi modular /company.
    Adafruit makes AIRLIFT which if I were going to use ESP32 I probably would lean adafruits design. However adfruits product using the Microchip Technology ATWINC15 breakout is a bad chip... It drops connections, buffer overruns etc... No fault of adafruit!!! So not being a hardware and design expert like yourself. What would you like to build to use with the TEENSY 4.1 or other models?

    Thank you.

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    I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts. I have a few Teensy's lying around and was trying to figure out the best way to create a we host on one of them. First step is figuring out how to connect it to my wifi network!

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    get ethernet working, then connect it to an access point, configure the access point to connect to your wifi

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