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Thread: Real Time Audio Processing

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    Real Time Audio Processing

    I've not yet even tried venturing into this area of C++ yet... But do 'the people in the know' see the Teensy 4.1 as a viable microcontroller for a project aimed at real-time audio processing?

    I'm thinking of creating a project that would take in audio via a 1/4" jack, process multiple effects in realtime such as reverb, delays, EQ's, distortions (stacked on top of each other), then output the final audio with, let's call it 'very useable', low latency? Suitable enough in terms of latency/audio quality for live performance, for example? If so I will plan on learning about/writing those effects myself which will be an awesome project to tackle.

    On top of this there would be a display to run, and some buttons/knobs as controls.

    Is the T4.1 geared up for this sort of job already? Or am I being a little too optimistic here?


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