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Thread: Which DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH to use?

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    Which DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH to use?

    In February 2021, I ordered a DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH and designed a PCB for my project around that. Now I would like to buy a few more, but I see that that part number has been replaced by the DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH_28 and DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH_32. Do either of these two match up with the previous DISPLAY_ILI9341_TOUCH? I was specifically wondering about outside dimensions, connector placement, and mounting hole placement.

    On the store webpage (, there is only one picture showing dimensions, so I'm not sure if it just hasn't been updated, or if both of those displays have the same board dimensions.

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    I am guessing you probably have the 28... (2.8"), I think the new one is the 32(3.2")
    The Dimensions in that listing are for the 2.8".
    The active screen area is approximately 2.8 inches diagonal.

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