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Thread: GPIO_GDIR issue

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    So my next problem.. doing anything else.... heh

    Interrupts are set to highest priority.

    Trying to even just print CPU temperature over serial, once per second, maybe once every 10 seconds or so, I get a 'hiccup' which causes some delay and creates an issue with target reading.

    Any ideas on what I can do here? This was one reason I was thinking DMA at first, as potentially it could handle the transfers without interrupts or execution resources.

    I've tried noInterrupts() within my ISRs, although they shouldn't get interrupted because they are highest priority, not even sure if interrupts can be interrupted on this platform..

    I just tried the same with Serial6, as those pins are open, it doesn't seem to be hiccuping now.. could this be a USB issue?

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    Definitely seems like USB serial might be affecting it somehow.. I can push data out quite quickly over serial6 over an ftdi and receive it without any hiccups in the ISR.. only when I use serial0/usb serial does it hiccup

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