I have a MIDI Wind controller that needs BLE MIDI out for playing music on a phone or PC synth,
and BLE UART bidirectionally to a phone app for configuration.

I've made this work with the Adafruit Bluefruit UART Friend, using it's MIDI library - but that uses an underlying AT command set, and requires a 30ms blocking pause with each call to send a message.

I've switched to trying an ESP32, and trying to send data to it over UART and ending up with reliable data only at about 1000 bytes per second (UART failures) (see this thread).

I'm on to considering SPI to send MIDI data to the ESP32, and will need to make the ESP32 a SPI Slave somehow.

Someone on this forum must have an elegant solution for adding robust, fast BLE communication to their Teensy 3.2 project.

Any advice?