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Thread: How to make printf() to work?

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    How to make printf() to work?

    I am using Teensy 4.1 with platformio and the configuration below.

    platform = teensy
    board = teensy41
    framework = arduino

    Serial.printf() does work and prints to the serial-over-USB but printf() does not and hangs the program.

    Is there a way to have printf working in the same way that Serial.printf() works?

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    You might be interested in this thread:

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    Thanks @luni, this is what I was looking for.

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    The link in #2 ties into the way stdio uses _write - another option is, FWIW:

    int printf (const char *fmt ...) {
        va_list ap;
        va_start(ap, fmt);
        auto r = vdprintf((int) &Serial, fmt, ap);
        return r;
    (the _write approach will also take care of puts, putchar, etc - this override won't)

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