Hi all,

Currently, I am working on a project where I want to print several images over the ESC/POS EPSON TM20-III Printer.

The Printer is connected to the second USB pin on the Teensy 3.6. I am using a breakout board USB A female directly soldered with its pins to the Teensy 3.6 ports.

I am using those libraries to connect with the printer;

In the USBPrinter_t36 example file, Printer.ino, the printer gets found --
HTML Code:
USB Host Testing - Printer

*** Device RECEIPT1 4b8:e28 - connected ***
  manufacturer: EPSON
  product: TM-T20III
  Serial: 583741561767360000
Unfortunately, it does not print anything by sending anything on the Serial or adding .write() within the code.


Additionally, I tried the examples of the ESC_POS_Printer library, where in the beginning 1 or 2 lines were printed (not everything), and currently, it does not print anything anymore.

Has anybody any tips on how I can possibly debug what is going on?