Hi , its my first time on here. so perhaps I should point out
I am very new to all this .
I bought a deepmind 12 synth which is a lot of fun but now I want to build a modular synth .
Also, I am even newer to Teensy . My Teensy 3.2 arrived yesterday and my 3.6 is due shortly.
so right now its all a bit new to me, so expect some silly questions

Last night I was watching Pauls Stoffregens great Teensy Audio Tutorial & Workshop on you tube
particularly the bit where he was triggering the drum samples with press buttons

I have a sequencer ( this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mnz6_HvwVs&t=219s )
it allows me to make a 16 step sequence to each of 4 gates so I could run say a kickdrum
snare High Hat and clap all in the same sequence by assigning each to a seperate gate .
My question is , how can I use the sequencers gates to trigger the Teensies samples . I am worried because I believe the gates
send 5v signals and the Teensy is 3.3V . I thought perhaps maybe replace the push buttons with a transistors emitter and collector
and use the gates 5v signal to the transistors base . Or maybe replace the push buttons with the output from opto isolators
using the sequencers gates to turn them on.
I am hoping someone can let me know if this is feasable or even better still tell me a much easier or simpler way to get the result I want

Go easy on me I'm a newbie , and I appologise in advance if I dont quite understand your answers right away , at 72 years old things dont sink
in as quick as they did ( old age has a lot to answer for )

Don (the old phart)