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Thread: Triggering Samples

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    Triggering Samples

    Hi , its my first time on here. so perhaps I should point out
    I am very new to all this .
    I bought a deepmind 12 synth which is a lot of fun but now I want to build a modular synth .
    Also, I am even newer to Teensy . My Teensy 3.2 arrived yesterday and my 3.6 is due shortly.
    so right now its all a bit new to me, so expect some silly questions

    Last night I was watching Pauls Stoffregens great Teensy Audio Tutorial & Workshop on you tube
    particularly the bit where he was triggering the drum samples with press buttons

    I have a sequencer ( this one )
    it allows me to make a 16 step sequence to each of 4 gates so I could run say a kickdrum
    snare High Hat and clap all in the same sequence by assigning each to a seperate gate .
    My question is , how can I use the sequencers gates to trigger the Teensies samples . I am worried because I believe the gates
    send 5v signals and the Teensy is 3.3V . I thought perhaps maybe replace the push buttons with a transistors emitter and collector
    and use the gates 5v signal to the transistors base . Or maybe replace the push buttons with the output from opto isolators
    using the sequencers gates to turn them on.
    I am hoping someone can let me know if this is feasable or even better still tell me a much easier or simpler way to get the result I want

    Go easy on me I'm a newbie , and I appologise in advance if I dont quite understand your answers right away , at 72 years old things dont sink
    in as quick as they did ( old age has a lot to answer for )

    Don (the old phart)

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    The Teensy 3.2 and Teensy 3.5 are 5V tolerant - for the 3.6 you just need cheap level shifters (the ultra-simple ones with the single mosfet will do) or the other ideas you mentioned.
    5V tolerant means, it is OK to use 5V to the digital pins (as inputs). As outputs, they're 3.3V only.

    Or, juzst use the 3.6 USB Host feature und use USB to connect the Arduino to the Teensy. You can use "Serial" as protocol.
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    Cheers Frank . Only just getting the 3.2 I didnt realize the digital in pins were ok with 5v


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