Hey everyone! I am very new to this Forum and to Teensy. I came here because I have a project in mind that I want to realize with the Teensy. I already made a sampler with the Axoloti Core where you can record live input and then play it with a keyboard, change the playingposition and the loop length and those things. Since the Axoloti Core is not in stock for a long time now, and want to make another version of it, I thought to bring the project to a teensy. I already have some experiences with the arduino and also with making analog synthesizer.
Now I am wondering which teensy would be suitable for my project. My first thought was to do it on a teensy 4.1 plus the audio board but I am afraid I am loosing lots of analog inputs for controlling. My second thought was to use a teensy 3.x cause as I read it has a dac already and I just needed to add a adc myself, which I havenīt done before. There seems also to be a way to create more analog ins with a multiplexer IC which I did not understand fully.
What would you here recommend?