This is my very first posting to this forum

I am developing and using a couple of programs originally on arduino hardware. I am still working with the Arduino IDE on Linux but using different hardware like ESP32 boards and others.
I build a special type of portable musical instruments for harmonical experiments and performances. They use *all* the available processing power, so the Teensy 4.1 got my interest
I expect the first few T4.1 to arrive these days and would like to prepare my code for experiments.

So I need a possibility to detect Teensyduino at compile time to adapt the code.
For later debugging I like my programs to remember (hard and) software versions they were compiled for.
On ESP32 boards I do things like:
#if defined ESP32
... // code for ESP32 goes here
How can I do that on a Teensy?
How to read the Teensyduino version?
How do I get the used board (like Teensy 3.6 or Teensy 4.1)?

On ESP I use esp_get_idf_version(); to know the underlying esp idf software version, and I display the chip revision on booting.
I do not know if there is similar info on the Teensy or not.

Thanks for any hints and pointers