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Thread: OpenGalvo - OPAL FW

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    OpenGalvo - OPAL FW

    OpenGalvo OPAL Firmware is now in the open and making progress!

    Purpose with the project is to build a controller that can control SLS type machines. This is the first step and covers the galvo only.

    I use a Teensy 4.0 (4.1 on the way :P ) to send signals to a Digital galvo which takes XY2-100 protocol.
    In my setup a SN75174N ( is used as a line driver to convert Teensy 3.3v signals to the differential input the galvo needs. The Galvo used is a SG7110.

    Source Available at:

    Two videos are made to demo function and speed.

    A Picture of the setup:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The FW has not yet reached v0.1...
    - Galvo control (X/Y) over XY2-100
    - Laser ON/OFF
    - Laser PWM (Scale 0 to 4095)
    - Laser SSR Relay controlled by FW
    - G0 With X and Y codes (feedrate is ignores and laser is immediatly sent to position without feedrate control
    - G1 codes with X,Y, F(Feedrate), S (Laser power)

    - Fixed! Currently a memmoryleak prevents running more than 2800 (ish) GCodes before controller crashes...
    - Serial input is sensitive and not compliant - Lines not formatted as expected might crash the controller.

    Not yet implemented:
    - "hold" if laser requires warmup
    - Stepper motor for Z-Axis
    - Teensy 4.1 not tested - but will be soon
    - M-Codes are NOT handled.
    - G0 doing laser auto Off is not configurable.
    - Support for Step/Dir input was intended but might not be possible.
    - No "Laser off if crash" functionallity, Possible fire hazard!
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