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Thread: Teensy 4.1 improvised casing....

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    Teensy 4.1 improvised casing....

    dumb question.... but I have a teensy 4.1 that just needs to be attached to a tablet by the usb lead. Thats it, it's whole function. So what I am looking for is a (preferably cheap) object I can mount the teensy in... has anyone found anything really good for such a purpose?

    Just tried to fit it inside a wireless game controller, but alas, it's just too big to avoid cutting away too much...... I tried a toothbrush holder... much too big... Most purpose built enclosures are (naturally) much bigger than this.

    I feel like the ideal idea might just be to coat the entire thing in Sugru, leaving the SD card and USB ports open and stick this to the back of the tablet I am using....... is that flat out insane? or should it work? Is there something else I could coat the board in that would be better?

    maybe I'll try the Sugru on a cheaper old board and see if it stops working......

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    Sugru is listed as having a thermal conductivity of only 0.189 W/m/K, which might be an issue.
    Thermal potting compounds are available with much higher conductivity.

    Also I found:

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    ah thanks, yes I knew there'd be something i hadn't thought of and that was it!

    "potting compounds" is the description I needed that I didn't have I think, thank you for helping!

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