Hello, does SPI1 on Teensy MicroMod function or is it SDIO only? Something's not working for me. Thanks.

From SparkFun:

The Teensy Processor has two SPI ports. The primary SPI connects to the following pins:

SDI/CIPO - Serial data input (Controller In/Peripheral Out). MicroMod pad 61. Teensy pin 12.
SDO/COPI - Serial data output (Controller Out/Peripheral In). MicroMod pad 59. Teensy pin 11.
SCK - SPI Clock. MicroMod pad 57. Teensy pin 13.
CS - Chip select. MicroMod pad 55. Teensy pin 10.

Due to hardware limitations on most MicroMod Carrier Boards, SPI1 is only available for hardware SDIO communication with an SD card. Use the ATP Carrier to directly interact with SPI1.