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Thread: Teensy DMX Shield

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    Teensy DMX Shield

    Does anyone have a circuit for a DMX on Teensy Shield.
    I want to make a DMX sniffer that can read DMX commands to test a Artnet->DMX connection.
    The Arduino one would work, but I'd love to use the Teensy 4.1.
    This would only need to read, not write DMX so it unusual.

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    I use the RS485 backpack board from Bolder Flight Systems ( Then I have a DMX plug I soldered to a connector that can plug onto the connector on the backpack. You might have to special order the board because I donít think they have them on their website anymore.

    Basically, all you need is an RS485-to-serial converter, so really anything that does that would work.

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    You can just use a RS485 breakout board like this one:

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    Thanks for the data! I'll get right on it!

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    Thanks. Love the Teensy 4.1 CAN Board BTW Got a nice CanOpen sniffer working!

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