Hi, I made a Drum Machine (TEE606) based on a Teensy 4.0 and an Audio Board. It works well and I implemented my first MIDI in, however, I wasn't sure how to implement MIDI clock in. The problem is having the Teensy constantly monitor the incoming Serial1 pin and not miss any clock bytes. I thought about using interrupts but I think this might be tricky based on what I have read here. A friend of mine suggested using a State Machine Approach. I also looked at an old approach that modified MIDI.h but it looks like that is out of date now as it is from 2011 https://github.com/2kohm/Teensy-USB-MIDI-CLOCK. In the end I send a CC of 110 between the two Teensys I am using every beat and it works. However I am curious if anyone could recommend an approach they have used to receive MIDI clock that works with Teensy.


Here it is in action...