Ok, I believe it's time to close this 1.55-beta1 thread. Let's continue anything still in need of work on the 1.55-beta2 thread.

A lot of really good things came out of this thread. Many bugs I didn't know about where found and have either been fixed or are written on notepad (low tech pen & paper) on my desk. 9 of the items I'm planning to fix over this weekend and then package up 1.55-beta3.

For 1.55-beta2 and beta3 in a day or two, I'd like to ask everyone to please focus on only the stuff which will be released in 1.55. I know there's a lot of excitement about MTP and other features planned beyond 1.55. I'm excited about that stuff too. But we really need to focus on getting to a stable 1.55 release first. I do try to read every message carefully and when we gets dozens or even hundreds of messages about non-1.55 stuff, while it's interesting & exciting, it does slow down work to fix the less interesting stuff and get to a stable 1.55.