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Thread: longevity and sealant

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    longevity and sealant

    I've got a few teensies soldered together and a lot of sensors attached to them. How long can I expect this to last before things start breaking down if I did a good job soldering and the device isn't exposed to temperatures outside of 50-80 degrees but is pretty humid (San Francisco Bay Area weather) ?

    Would spraying the non-moving parts with this sealant help without changing baseline capacitance values in my proximity sensors (assuming I don't spray the sensors but do spray where their wires are soldered to the board)?

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    This question is pretty vague, and it's impossible to estimate the lifetime of your project from your description.

    Conformal coating is used to add an extra layer to assembled circuit boards, to protect them from the atmosphere and hence increase longevity and also decrease the likelihood of shorts across the assembly. If the circuit boards are likely to be exposed to saltwater then this is a very good idea. It's extremely unlikely to affect any capacitance values. Electronics assemblies can last for decades, so the likelihood is that your moving parts will dictate the lifetime of your project or any batteries.
    If your temperatures are Fahrenheit then that's not a problem.

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    Its standard practice to use conformal coating for pcbs exposed to moist air - it will lengthen the lifetime for sure as unprotected boards that get condensation on will have the traces dissolve electrolytically.

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    I have a can of the MG Chemical Silicone Conformal Coating that I use on boards that will be exposed to corrosive environments.

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