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Thread: stick on circuit breaker meter

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    stick on circuit breaker meter
    The Power Patch is a stick-on device, roughly the size of a switch panel on a circuit breaker, which measures magnetic fields from individual breakers and uses an algorithm to reconstruct the current and voltage.
    This is the thing I want, but their website is down (out of business?) and I cannot find a place to buy one.

    Any idea how to make one with a Teensy? Hall effect sensor? Algorithm?

    My use case is to monitor and log cycle times and current draw trends of a submersible 220v water well pump. The old pump burned up from short cycling, but there is currently no way to monitor besides opening the well head, withdrawing the pump contactor from the well shaft, removing the cover exposing 220v while standing in a puddle, and wait for the contacts to move which could take 30 minutes or more. The pump is the only thing on its breaker.

    Shortened cycle times indicate pressure tank maintenance (blowing) is required. Increasing current indicates pump motor wear. The pump is a Grundfos 16 SQF-10 which can run on AC or DC power. It is currently on 220v AC only, but 48VDC backup will be added eventually due to frequent outages. I'd like to leave a path to monitor DC usage and perform automatic switching as well.

    A related thread here is

    Edit: This was intended for the Project Guidance forum. Oops. I don't see a way to delete or move it on my end.

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