I have a setup where I had to increase the Adafruit SAMD Wire Rx buffer from 256 to 512 in order to receive data from a ST VL53L5CX on an Adafruit M0 board (QT Py) and it works well. I am new to Teensy and had tried to do this for the T4.1 but is not working. I tried increasing BUFFER_LENGTH on line 35 from 32 bytes to 512 bytes in the WireIMXRT.h file but no go.

Before increasing the buffer on the T4.1, the sensor would initialize (load firmware to the sensor) and then report but just with no data. After I increase the buffer then the sensor does not initialize and the T4.1 just locks up. I kept reducing the buffer down to see what it would do and when I got to 128 it would initialize and report but the same with no data. 512 is what got it going on the M0 so this is my target.

Any suggestions?