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Thread: Splitting audio from audio shield and amplifying

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    Splitting audio from audio shield and amplifying

    I am currently building a DJ midi controller which has a built in sound card through using the teensy audio board. This allows speakers and headphones to be plugged into the controller.

    Through a previous thread I know that USB audio is limited to stereo, and to run headphones and speakers to would ideally require quad channel USB audio

    My current work around is to use a single audio board, and use a mono signal for the 2 outputs. This works, and I can connect to headphones and speakers by 2 3.5mm jacks. Unfortunately as I have split the outputs the speakers are now quite quiet, even at maximum volume.

    Am I able to run the speaker output through some amplifier IC to improve the volume?


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    Not sure I can figure out what you'd done without a circuit diagram....

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