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Thread: ethernet SPI conflict?

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    ethernet SPI conflict?

    Hi. I spend some time trying to figure it out a problem with my SPI communication. Finally, I found the source of the problem but I can't fully understand it.
    Happen that the SS pin goes high ahead of time, before the transaction ends. It seems like the SPI transaction runs in a different thread and the code keep going before all the clk cycles ends.
    I tried a lot of think, but finally I found that getting rid of some UDP messages that I was sending just before the transaction the problem disappear.
    Someone has a hint about what it can be happening?

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    I'm confused by this question.

    Quote Originally Posted by lautaroleon View Post
    Someone has a hint about what it can be happening?
    I connected my scope and ran the Ethernet WebClient example on a Teensy 4.1 with Wiz850io ethernet. The best hint I can give is it does not appear to be "SS pin goes high ahead of time".

    Click image for larger version. 

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