At my church I run a camera- everything is good and all but one of the cameras is a roaming camera. We need to be able to communicate with that individual but we don't have a wireless headset that is compatible with the system- nor is one made. In order to buy an "off the shelf" option that would just work it would cost the church upwards of $5k to $6k for a whole new system, which is not worth it to them, but we really need it.

I am looking to make a wireless headset for this purpose. I already know that I will be reading audio from a most likely 24 volt system. On the system base side I have to read that voltage, convert it into audio, transmit it to the headset, and have another teensy on that side play it into the roamer's ears. All the while the roamer's unit will have to interpret that audio sent to it to play it while also simultaneously reading from its own mic, running basic noise cancellation on the reading, then transmitting that back to base.

I should probably preface this by saying I have not used a teensy or any otherwise Arduino before. I have decided on this transmitter and I may use this display, but I have not decided yet; I have not yet decided on anything else.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use as mic input or an ADC or a headset output (standard headphones) or how to put it all together in coding? I have been researching this for the past few days and I am completely at a loss.

If I understand correctly the transceiver selected has plenty of bandwidth for this even at distance, and the more powerful teensys also have plenty of processing power for this task.