Ubuntu Linux 20.04, latest artuino env + latest teensyDuino.
I tried to work from Arduino environment and from makefile directly, results are the same. "Teensy" looks like does not load program into the 4.1 board.

Arduino tell me :

/home/igor/Downloads/arduino-1.8.16/hardware/teensy/../tools/teensy_post_compile -file=Blink.pde -path=/tmp/arduino_build_6692 -tools=/home/igor/Downloads/arduino-1.8.16/hardware/teensy/../tools/ -board=TEENSY41
Opening Teensy Loader...
Unable find Teensy Loader.  (p)  Is the Teensy Loader application running?
quitexit status 1
Error compiling for board Teensy 4.1.
same output from the "make" command (after adjusting makefile to the 4.1 version)

"Teensy" software opens up, and reports following:

15:16:47.348 (loader): Teensy Loader 1.55, begin program
15:16:47.381 (loader): File "/home/igor/Downloads/arduino-1.8.16/hardware/teensy/avr/cores/teensy4/main.hex", 22528 bytes
15:16:47.381 (loader): File "main.hex". 22528 bytes
15:16:47.381 (loader): Unable to listen for remote control
15:16:47.381 (loader): initialized, showing main window
15:26:16.392 (loader): Verbose Info event
I'm doing something wrong probably.. How to correctly program Teensy 4.1? Quick search on the forum showed nothing relevant..