We finally have reached a milestone with our lathe turret project. A microcontroller was needed to interface between a Centroid Acorn motion controller and a couple stepper motor drivers as well as a lot of other circuitry. Due to it's small size and power, we decided to use the Teensy. While we were originally using a Teensy LC, a major change was needed and more interface pins were required so we went to a Teensy 3.5. (The board is designed to work with a 3.6 or a 4.1, as well.)

The goal, here, was to use the turret from the Portable Production Lathe so that it could be installed on a bigger CNC lathe. Finally, everything is working. The Teensy microcontroller allows several different interfacing methods to be used for a CNC motion controller to control a lathe turret.

For more information there is this post: https://5cfab.com/demo-video-of-the-...-lathe-turret/
Older information can be found here: https://5cfab.com/blogs/

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Here is a video of the turret working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiTkd5Gu3xA
Here is a video of the turret changing tooling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrdlqpU-ulc

A schematic of the Turret Interface Board, with the Teensy, is here: https://5cfab.com/wp-content/uploads...ematic-4_1.pdf

Some history of the board development:

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