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Thread: Noob question, library built for (T3.0 - T3.6)

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    Noob question, library built for (T3.0 - T3.6)

    Evening all, love Paul and the PJRC products/community.

    TeensyStep - (available in library & built for T3.0 - T3.6). Chances of working on T4.1?

    (code level ~ 5/10)
    Cheers & thanks in advance
    Tk care, Mick

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    Sure, dig enough and you shall find.

    Apologies, I see Luni is working on this >> luni post 09-23-2021, 09:31 AM / wonderfull stuff.

    Thanks luni - happy to post a coffee through, although i think covert may make things tricky!

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