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Thread: Unresponsive Teensy 3.5 when plugged into board

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    Unresponsive Teensy 3.5 when plugged into board

    What would cause a Teensy 3.5 to not energize when plugged into a board? If a USB cable is plugged into the Teensy when the Teensy is not on the board, the Teensy energizes. The Teensy also works on an identical board (with slightly different components installed).

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    Board on the bottom (least populated) is the failure board. The board is designed to run 4 stepper motors using Teensy 3.2 through 3.6. DRV8825 stepper drivers can be installed on the board or external stepper drivers can be connected.

    p.s. The voltage across the 5V and Gnd pins on the board also measure 5V.

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    Anyone? What would cause the Teensy to not turn on when plugged into the board but will when not plugged in?

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    A short or too-heavy load from 3.3V to GND, or 5V to GND, would be the prime suspect.

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    Thanks, I found a really small solder bridge between ground and a signal pin. It appears to be working normally now.

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