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Thread: New ESP32 v2.0.0 package seems doesn't compilea sketch which include oneWire lib

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    New ESP32 v2.0.0 package seems doesn't compilea sketch which include oneWire lib

    Dear Developer

    I've noticed errors and warnings compiling the linked sketch using
    Espressif System Package 2.0.0-rc2 or
    Espressif System Package 2.0.0

    But no errors nor warnings emerges when the
    Espressif System Package 1.0.6 or below versions are used

    Please see the comment of the Case of "me-no-dev" where it seems that the root cause of the problem is the OneWire Lib
    For more details see here

    I created an additional case in the past where using DallaTemperature lib (which includes the oneWire lib) create instability problems in the temperature sensor reading

    Any idea ?

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    Perhaps you should be asking the question on an ESP/espressif board.

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    My guess is he is asking here as Paul is shown as the maintainer of the library:
    author=Jim Studt, Tom Pollard, Robin James, Glenn Trewitt, Jason Dangel, Guillermo Lovato, Paul Stoffregen, Scott Roberts, Bertrik Sikken, Mark Tillotson, Ken Butcher, Roger Clark, Love Nystrom
    maintainer=Paul Stoffregen
    sentence=Access 1-wire temperature sensors, memory and other chips.
    Note The library is up at:

    There are at least a few issue up there like:

    and a Pull Request
    Was merged in something like 4 days ago.

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    Please try the latest from github and let me know if it works for you?

    Indeed, as you can see on github, I merged a pull request only days ago to fix this problem. As you can see on issue #102, so far only 3 people have given feedback.

    • Michal-Szczepaniak said "+1 works perfectly on my esp32"
    • damianjwilliams said "Not working on my ESP32-S2-WROVER"
    • (on issue #103) ClemensGruber said "I downgraded to Arduino ESP core 1.0.6 and code is still compiling and DS18B20 working as expected".

    I'm waiting on more user feedback before officially publishing a new version of OneWire. You can be part of this! Now is the time to test the fix and give clear feedback.

    For now, you need to download the code from github and put it in your {Documents}/Arduino/libraries folder. I recommend turning on verbose output during compilation in File > Preferences. Then Arduino will tell you the exact pathnames of every library it actually used, and any it ignored. A common novice mistake is putting the files in the wrong place, and then Arduino still uses the old copy. Pay attention to those pathnames and especially if Arduino tells you it finds more than 1 copy of OneWire, get rid of the old copies and be sure the one it is actually using really is the copy you downloaded from github.

    If you have a github account, I'd prefer to see the feedback on issue #102.

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    Dear Paul

    "I would be a part a part of this ", but franking speaking I would like to solve the old instability problem of Dallas Temperature lib which includes the OneWire lib, and I still don't know in which lib/s the problem is. This is the reason because I'm trying to make an update of the ESP basic package, hoping it can solve that problem. I'm using the 2.3.5 version of OneWire at the moment

    Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with GitHub, so when you ask to download the code from GitHub, is it correct to download the package from

    and that its file name is ?

    Assuming that it is, I have substitute the OneWire subfolders under {Documents}/Arduino/libraries folder. with the subbloders of the package and finnaly I have recompiled the sketch. With this lib it seems that the compilation process is completed without errors

    See the attached the

    Now I will check if the instability problem if DallasTemperature is also solved

    I will copy this replay to issue #102 too
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