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Thread: State of ADC input on Teensy 4.0

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    State of ADC input on Teensy 4.0

    It has been reported here that the AudioInputAnalog on the 4.0 "does not work good". In my experiments, "does not work good" == "doesn't seem to work at all". As far as I can tell, no audio data is ever emitted from the class.

    It looks like there was a commit with some work to make it happier

    I'm not opposed to spending a bit of time trying to hack on it to get it working myself if that is remotely feasible. Does anyone know the current state and what stands in the way of making it work?

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    It will never work reliable because it can't do 44100Hz.

    But you can change the whole library to Hz (forgot the exact value). Then, you can make it work better.

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