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Thread: Looking for component advise for a photoelectric driven audio controller

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    Looking for component advise for a photoelectric driven audio controller

    Good day folks,
    I have done a couple Teensy audio projects. I am ok with the coding but my understanding of the different electric components is still pretty rudimentary.

    Posting here instead of the audio chat because i do not think there is anything audio-specific about my project. I have an old brownie hawkeye camera, and my idea is to wire it with a bright light and a photoelectric sensor, and during musical performances it would be pointed at a reflective surface and shadows or other movement would cause variations in the photoelectric reading that would ultimately drive two separate functions.
    1) first function would be some sort of digital variable resistor that would provide the same functions as an analog expression pedal for guitar effects. This is basically a 10K linear potentiometer.
    2) second function would be driving a variable voltage output that would be used as a control voltage in an (offboard) modular synth. Ideally this voltage output would vary from -12 to + 12 VDC, but if it was a lot easier to do less than that I suspect the synth would be able to figure it out.

    I suspect I will have to have some sort of way to normalize the range for a given installation, but Im not to concerned about that. Something where you push a button and then it finds the max and minimum readings over the next 10 seconds and uses that as the range.

    I suspect this has been done before, please feel free to point me to existing projects.

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    Did you have a particular sensor in mind?

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