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Thread: Unbalanced Parentheses in imxrt.h

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    Unbalanced Parentheses in imxrt.h


    parsing the file for vaguely related purposes I received a not completely unjustified error message.

    Here's the diff:

    < #define IMXRT_DMA_TCD		((IMXRT_DMA_TCD_t *)(IMXRT_DMA_ADDRESS+0x1000)
    > #define IMXRT_DMA_TCD		((IMXRT_DMA_TCD_t *)(IMXRT_DMA_ADDRESS+0x1000))
    might be worth fixing

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    Opps, fixed.

    Also added this comment to explain the typical way TCD registers are accessed.

    // Normally these Transfer Control Descriptor (TCD) registers are accessed through
    // DMAChannel instances.  See DMAChannel.h for details.  Or refer to libraries which
    // use DMA (OctoWS2811, Audio, WS2812Serial, SmartMatrix, ILI9341_t3n, etc).
    // When you access TCD registers directly, you must edit all DMA-using code to
    // assure no conflicts among which of the 32 TCDs are used.  DMAChannel allocates
    // channels automatically, to avoid TCD usage conflicts.

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