Haven't found this on the forum. If I missed it, please point me at it.

Without a formal education in any modern computer languages, I've always been a 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' programmer, learning only what I needed to know to accomplish my current task. My code works, but it's inelegant and it looks and performs like a game of Jenga. This makes deciphering it later difficult and exhausting.

I'd like to write better C++ Teensy code. I'll know I've reached my goal when I can create libraries that not only are functional for me, but clean and clear enough that others could easily use them. I've looked at the various Arduino "Style Guides". I've found them good at describing the end product, but they don't say "how" to get there. I'm trying to learn good coding practices.

I'm currently listening to a book called "Clean Code", and I'm finding it useful. But it got me wondering if there might be more books out there that experienced Teensy users have found valuable for creating code that is understandable and maintainable even by others? I'm aware that simply reading book(s) won't be the answer, practice is needed, but it's a start.