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Thread: 16x16x16 led cube build video

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    16x16x16 led cube build video

    I made a build video for my big 16x16x16 led cube (using adressable leds) the video is on youtube:
    This is nothing like the old tech rgb leds with multiplexing. Full power @ 1200 Watt and rendering/displaying frames arround 180fps.

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    dang dude...Impressive work.

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    Senior Member PaulStoffregen's Avatar
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    wow, that's amazing!

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    Nice work showing the work and process in getting it together!

    Quote Originally Posted by defragster View Post
    Very cool and capable looking LED CUBE!
    Repeating that ... from first demo. Seemed like a lot to put together - new posting shows it was more than that.

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    Thanks for looking at the video

    Not sure if it is homepage blog material, since i hardly show off the teensy. If i didn’t have to wait for the leds to refresh i could run my animations @1350 fps so that show what a beast the teensy4 really is

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    Epic! Amazing work and craftsmanship!!

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