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Thread: Teensy 4.1 Low Power

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    Teensy 4.1 Low Power

    I am trying to port some code that I had compiling under Arduino to the Teensey 4.1. The code used the Sleep library? Does the sleep library work under 4.1? I noticed that the github page for sleep (which was not updated for a while) does not specifically reference 4.1. I tried to compile one of its samples and that did not compile?

    I am just wondering the best way to sleep a Teensey and wake it up once in a while to take a picture , with some readings at minimal power (at worst)? At best, it can wake up on an interrupt or pin that changes state , and then do something.


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    I am afraid I think the Sleep Library is not supported any more.
    I have in the past asked questions and got zero response.

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    Ok, I suppose that's the tradeoff for having mind blowing speed and resources on the Teensey.

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