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Thread: Can teensy 4.0 connect wifi ?

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    Can teensy 4.0 connect wifi ?

    Now I want to use open sound control (OSC) for control my teensy. But I don't know how to connect Teensy with my wifi router.

    Can Teensy 4.0 connect wifi? If can how to connect them together?

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    It can not. You need additional hardware.

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    I use an ESP8266 or ESP32 connected via a serial interface to connect to WiFi.

    For good WiFi audio transmission, you need a substantial receive buffer (and therefore audio delay) as there tend to be lots of dropped packets and resends. An ESP32 can manage this, but the 8266 tends to stutter due to multiple demands on its single processor.

    See the end of my post for the implementation details of sending packets between the two processors.

    Hope this helps.

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