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Thread: Xbox One loses Mouse.move input, PS4 doesnt

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    Xbox One loses Mouse.move input, PS4 doesnt

    Xbox One loses Mouse.move input if called many times in a loop. The PS4 never loses input.

    Googling shows Xbox One poll rate is 125hz for mouse. PS4 is 250hz.

    I tried changing bInterval to 4 and 5. It still loses input. Does that affect the polling rate or how often Teensyduino calls loop?

    Input is not lost if Mouse.move has 10ms between calls.

    How does Teensy or USB work when Mouse.move is called multiple times in a loop?

    I expect all move packets are buffered at the endpoint and the USB host (Xbox) reads all packets when it polls the endpoint. Is my understanding correct?

    If not, can I send Mouse.move only when Xbox reads the endpoint?

    This person had a similar issue on Android. Connecting through a USB hub resolved it for him.
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