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Thread: Reset makes micros disappear from 'pio device list' on Ubuntu

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    How to force teensy to connect as Teensyduino Serial not Teensy Halfkay Bootloader

    EDIT: After more research, I think the issue is that a Teensy is not natively a USB device, and will after being programmed or reset automatically connect in linux as a "Halfkay Bootloader" USB device however, in order to use it in the serial monitor, I need a way to reliably over command line reset it to Serial mode.

    Physically unplugging and replugging it sends it back into Serial mode, but I need a way to do this over the command line as I am remote sometimes.

    Using the GUI does this sometimes, but it's not reliable when using multiple Teensy's

    After plugging both my of Teensy 3.6 boards on Ubuntu they show as follows
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    However, after uploading and running 'pio device list' again, one of the boards is missing:
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    My Teensy's are the ACM0 and ACM1 Serial ports.

    Reseting them doesn't help, it actually makes them both disappear. But unplugging and replugging both them in makes them visible again.

    It seems like I need a way to soft refresh the serial ports in linux.
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    After MUCH more research and pain, I found this thread to be helpful

    Install tycmd command from instructions here

    figure out which boards you have with

    tycmd list
    add 9665090-Teensy Teensy 3.6 (USB Serial)
    add 10253260-Teensy Teensy 3.6 (USB Serial)
    Where those numbers are serial numbers.

    in platformio.ini, add

    upload_command = tycmd upload -B $UPLOAD_PORT $SOURCE
    upload_port = 9665090-Teensy

    where upload port is the one from above you want to program to.

    To get the serial monitor for one of them, type

    tycmd reset -B 10253260 #if it won't open
    tycmd monitor -B 10253260

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    A general point
    There is no reset button on Teensy, but a program button that, indeed, removes Teensy from serial port and places Teensy into HID mode for programming.
    This is independent from Teensyduino, patformio, tycommander, etc.

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