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Thread: Serial USB intermittently does NOT print.

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    Serial USB intermittently does NOT print.

    The code below does not work reliably with USB Serial.
    It intermittently prints out nothing.
     This shows the use of the Snooze USB
     Serial driver when using sleep. The USB
     Serial driver does not wake the processor
     it only aids in using the USB Serial in
     sleeping appilcations.
     Supported Micros: T-LC/3.x/4.0
    #include <Snooze.h>
    // Load drivers
    // Always use SnoozeUSBSerial with T4.0.
    // SnoozeUSBSerial driver does what Serial does like "print", -
    // "println", "prinf", etc and also handles the effects of using -
    // the Arduino Serial monitor and sleeping. Use it when you -
    // want to print to serial monitor for sleeping applications.
    SnoozeUSBSerial usb;
    SnoozeTimer     timer;
    #if defined(__MKL26Z64__)
    // configures the lc's 5v data buffer (OUTPUT, LOW) for low power
    Snoozelc5vBuffer lc5vBuffer;
      Install drivers, timer to wake and USB Serial to fix
      printing to serial monitor after sleeping.
    #if defined(__IMXRT1062__)
    SnoozeBlock config_teensy40(usb, timer);
    #elif defined(__MK66FX1M0__)
    SnoozeBlock config_teensy36(usb, timer);
    #elif defined(__MK64FX512__)
    SnoozeBlock config_teensy35(usb, timer);
    #elif defined(__MK20DX256__)
    SnoozeBlock config_teensy32(usb, timer);
    #elif defined(__MKL26Z64__)
    SnoozeBlock config_teensyLC(usb, lc5vBuffer, timer);
    int idx;
    void setup() {
      pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT);
      // USBSerial does what Serial and handles usb -
      // when sleeping.
      while (!usb);
        Set Low Power Timer wake up in Seconds(T4) or milliseconds
        all other Teensy's.
    #if defined(__IMXRT1062__)
      timer.setTimer(5);// seconds
      timer.setTimer(5000);// milliseconds
      idx = 0;
    void loop() {
      int who = 0;
        feed the sleep function its wakeup parameters. Then go
        to sleep.
    #if defined(__IMXRT1062__)
      who = Snooze.sleep( config_teensy40 );// return module that woke processor
    #elif defined(__MK66FX1M0__)
      who = Snooze.sleep( config_teensy36 );// return module that woke processor
    #elif defined(__MK64FX512__)
      who = Snooze.sleep( config_teensy35 );// return module that woke processor
    #elif defined(__MK20DX256__)
      who = Snooze.sleep( config_teensy32 );// return module that woke processor
    #elif defined(__MKL26Z64__)
      who = Snooze.sleep( config_teensyLC );// return module that woke processor
      // wait for serial monitor
      elapsedMillis time = 0;
      while (!usb && time < 1000) {
    #if !defined(__IMXRT1062__)
        // print out a bunch of NULLS to serial monitor
        // T3.x/LC only
        digitalWriteFast(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH);
        digitalWriteFast(LED_BUILTIN, LOW);
      delay(200); // normal delay for Arduino Serial Monitor
      usb.printf("Timer Driver number indicator: %i | index: %i\n", who, idx); // print who woke up, i.e. timer
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