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Thread: Teensy 4.1 Maximum frequency for hardware quadrature encoders & stepper motors

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    Teensy 4.1 Maximum frequency for hardware quadrature encoders & stepper motors

    I've been scouring the internet and the forum for this information, but haven't found it yet:

    For the Teensy 4.1:

    What is the maximum frequency input it can take in for the 4 hardware quadrature encoders timers?
    and what is the maximum frequency output can it produce for driving a stepper motor?

    What contributes to those frequency speeds?
    Is it the CPU?
    Can it deliver 600 Mhz or 1000 Mhz (overclocked) frequencies for encoder timer inputs or stepper pulse output?

    For example it seems this CNC controller board can output 4 Mhz frequencies for step and direction and it has 4 Mhz capture capabilities for Encoder inputs:

    I was inspired to figure this out after looking at this video:

    I've made the attached spreadsheet with stepper motor calculations and am trying to figure out what formulas may determine the maximum encoder input frequencies and stepper output frequencies on the Teensy 4.1

    For reference this is the encoder and stepper driver I'm going to attempt to use to figure this out:

    The encoder has a max frequency of 300 kHz, and max rpm of 3000.

    The stepper driver can be externally driven by an MCU by sending step and direction
    or its own internal MCU (still have to figure out how it works) - I saw a page in the manual or somewhere else on the Trinamic site but I believe there are 3 different ways of driving the stepper driver.
    If you use the Teensy 4.1 to send step and direction then I believe you loose all the additional benefits it provides (I might be wrong but I thought I read this)
    In addition to this the stepper driver has a 32 bit encoder counter built into it based on the datasheet I was reading.

    Side note to admins:
    I used libreoffice calc to make the spreadsheet. I wish .ods extension can be added to attachment valid file extensions and .xlsx (later excel file format) extension as well.
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